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To build career as a Hadoop developer, one must be clear with Hadoop concepts and have a working knowledge of analysing data using MapReduce, Hive and Pig. Typical Hadoop interview questions include topics such as replication factor, node failures and distributed caching.

Here are some basic hadoop interview questions

  1. Define Sequence file in Hadoop?
  2. What is meant by Replication factor?
  3. List out the key components of HBase and tell when you should use it?
  4. How the file system check is done in HDFS?
  5. Define speculative execution?
  6. Sqoop in Hadoop, Define?
  7. Define webDav in Hadoop?
  8. Define the function of Mapper?
  9. Define Distributed Caxhe in Hadoop?
  10. Differentiate HDFA and NAS?

Dezyre has given 100 hadoop interview questions with answers. To crack any interview, one need to know answer for all these 100 question. I think this  are more than enough.

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