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Here are the new additions to our webinar series:

1. From Data Silos to Data Lakes - July 8

The evolution from data silos to information infrastructure ecosystems, known as data lakes, will accelerate data-driven insights, application development and time to value. In this webinar we will focus on the impact of data lakes and how IT can architect and utilize them to achieve business goals. After an overview of data lake concepts, Ken Dowling (Principal Data Engineer, Pivotal) will review the technology stack for data lake deployments.


2. Identifying Cybercrime using Big Data Analytics - June 24

In this upcoming DSC webinar, we will discuss how a security big data analytics solution can make all the difference in protecting your network from both known and emerging threats. By leveraging the power of Hadoop with Platfora, you gain instant access to a holistic degree view for detecting both basic and advanced threats in minutes, not months.

Join this session to discover multiple ways in which a big data analytics solution can:

  • Close the gaps in the protection offered by standard commercial systems.
  • Significantly augment the ability monitor traffic, behavioral, and other data for the tell-tale signs of malicious intent.


3. Email Security: Best Practices - July 17

In this webinar we will explore the key concepts and best practices to protect and maintain private email communications and why you need to rethink your email security. You will learn:

  • Best practices for securing sensitive email communications.
  • When is the right time to replace your legacy email security.
  • How to protect sensitive email information as it flows to and from the enterprise.
  • Latest insights on Identity-Based Encryption and Stateless Key Management.
  • How other enterprises deploy the world’s most popular email security solution.


Note: The latter webinar is actually co-produced by Messaging News, a company recently acquired by Data Science Central.

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