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Is your company poised to take advantage of three key trends in Big Data? Syncsort, a global leader in Big Data and mainframe software, recently released the results of its second annual Hadoop survey. Based on the survey results there are three areas that companies will focus on in 2016, to realize the full potential of Big Data analytics.

         First, Apache Spark will move from a talking point into deployment. Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents are interested in Apache Spark, surpassing interest in all other compute frameworks, including the recognized incumbent, MapReduce.

         Second, companies are moving from expensive mainframe and enterprise data warehouse platforms into Hadoop based multi-core servers. A majority of respondents feel that Hadoop will help them increase business and IT agility, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, and make more data available for business use across the whole organization.

         And third, a growing number of companies will look to leverage Hadoop for advanced use cases as a way to innovate, using data from social media and IoT, and applying predictive analytics and visualization for greater insights about their business.

         Businesses can realize significant benefits from Hadoop, but it comes with challenges in keeping up with new tools and skills, connectivity and data movement, and unforeseen costs. The main benefit is a single software environment that can access all enterprise data and manage the entire data pipeline to maximize the ROI on their Big Data projects, especially as the demand for real-time analytics increases.

         If your company needs the ability to combine real-time data sources with batch data to create more insights for its businesses, Big Data and predictive analytics is the way to go.  The ability to transform and prepare data in flight will become more important, thus eliminating the need for staging increasing volumes of data.

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