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Guest blog post by Vincent Granville

Feel free to add your keywords. Here's a start:

The alphabet:

  • Algorithm (also: API, accountability)
  • Big data
  • Computational complexity (also: clustering, cross-validation, computer science, confidence intervals, compression, collaborative filtering)
  • Databases (also: data mining, dashboards, data dictionary, decision science)
  • Experimental design (also: entropy, encryption)
  • Fraud detection
  • Graph databases (also: goodness-of-fit, geospatial data)
  • Hadoop (also: hypothesis testing, high performance computing aka HPC)
  • Information theory (also: inventory management)
  • Java (also: javascript)
  • Knowledge discovery (also: Kaggle, K-mean, K-nn, KPI)
  • Logistic regression (also: lift)
  • Machine learning (also: map-reduce, modeling, metrics)
  • NoSQL (also: network topology)
  • Optimization (also: operations research, overfitting)
  • Predictive modeling (also: Python, Perl)
  • Quality as in data quality or quality assurance (also: query)
  • Recommendation engine (also: R programming language, R-squared)
  • Statistics (also: scoring, segmentation, search technology)
  • Taxonomy creation (also: topology)
  • User profiling
  • Visualization
  • Web analytics (also: web crawling)
  • XML
  • Yottabyte = 10^24 bytes = 1 trillion terabytes, the largest information unit (also: yield optimization)
  • Z-score (also: Z-test, Z-transform)

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