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Many organizations contain thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets. In one organization we counted more than 100,000 spreadsheets, many were being used day-to-day to operate the business. 

With all the databases and data warehouses and business intelligence software why do many organizations still require spreadsheets?    Few organizations have any policies of governance over the use of spreadsheets. There is a lack of data quality or analytical quality imposed on those creating these spreadsheets.   

Spreadsheets are a useful tool but without some form of governance these spreadsheets can be troublesome. At minimum organizations should have policies regarding the creation and use of spreadsheets and the data used in them. And perhaps a culling of spreadsheets is required to reduce overhead costs. How many spreadsheets does it take to run your business?

And perhaps a critical review of how useful the databases and data warehouses is in order as well.  

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