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Practical Advice on Big Data Analytics (Sponsored by Lavastorm)

Big Data brings Big Value. You know that already, but how? Download this executive brief on the top opportunities and challenges in Big Data and Analytics for some practical advice.


The benefits are real – especially if you link big data with your enterprise data to discover root causes, improve operations or accelerate innovation.  For example, one large financial institution estimates that big data could help them reduce the time and cost of strategic innovation projects by 30-65%.

For practical advice and examples of getting value from big data, take advantage of these resources:

  • Download our executive brief on the top opportunities and challenges in Big Data and Analytics
  • Register for the upcoming Data Science Central webinar, “Combine Big Data with Enterprise Data to Improve Business Performance” to see how big data from non-relational databases, such as MongoDB, are being integrated with operational systems to improve business processes 

For more than 15 years, Lavastorm Analytics has been helping organizations solve tough problems where data was large in volume, highly varied, and changing at fast speed.  Even the 451 Research said that we were “in ‘big data‘ before it was cool to be in ‘big data’” and our products have generated billions of dollars in business value for our customers and partners.  

Lavastorm Analytics delivers a new, agile way to analyze, optimize, and control data and business processes. Our analytics engine provides a visual, discovery-based environment allows organizations to reduce analytic development and integration time by 90% or more and harness the power of big data to transform their business.  

A few of examples of our big data projects include:

Kabel Deutschland:

  • Real-time fraud detection
  • More than 60 different data sources integrated
  • 60 million data sets / day


  • Revenue assurance solution for pay-by-the-drink billing handles huge volumes
  • New data sources:  network performance data, usage data

Cyfeon Solutions:

  • Solutions for financial firms analyze 1 terabyte per day of stock data
  • Lavastorm pulls data from MongoDB

I also encourage you to try the desktop version of our analytic engine so you can easily create a unified view of siloed, diverse data and discover new insights with our self-service analytic software tools.


John Joseph
Vice President, Product Marketing
Lavastorm Analytics

About Lavastorm

Lavastorm is a global analytics software company that enables a new, agile way to analyze, optimize, and control big data and associated business processes.

According to the 451 Research Group, Lavastorm Analytics was “in ‘big data’ before it was cool to be in ‘big data’.”  The company’s products provide analysts with programming powers previously limited to IT to rapidly unify disparate data, improve data quality across diverse data sets, easily construct complex analytics, and effectively deliver actionable insight and results. Lavastorm’s products allow organizations to analyze “big data” without creating duplicate instances of the data and analytic applications built in Lavastorm can easily be deployed as persistent solutions, providing continuous analytic monitoring across multiple systems and complex, data-intensive processes. Lavastorm’s solutions have identified business improvements worth billions of dollars for some of the largest corporations in the world and have recently received industry recognition by winning the Best Revenue Assurance and the Best Business Solution awards. 

For more information, please visit:

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