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Microsoft & Acer's New Cloudbooks Ready to Take on Google Chromebooks

Microsoft and Acer make preparations to introduce new ‘Cloudbooks’ to take on their long time rival Google Chromebook. 

For past many years, Google has been in the news for steering the idea of cost – effective and web –connected personal computers, that ensures minimum offline capability. The IT giant took every possible care to make sure these PCs were well supported by suite of applications (online) courtesy of cloud environment. Idea of sleek – client PCs loaded with greater –client capabilities is slowly making winds. Besides this, what makes it an attractive deal is the fact that they are backed by rock – bottom cost. Surprisingly, the Chromebooks can be owned for as little as $ 149. Recently, another prominent player has made its intentions clear to challenge Chromebooks with a discovery of its own – Acer has long eyed Google’s project and initiatives. 

Some recent events also brought Acer into the limelight. These events show Acer is desperately looking out for ways to drive in revenue. This prominent player has definitely sensed that mix of Chromebook – style PCs as well as high-end gaming systems can help it garner more profits. So do research analysts at Prof Research Reports, who have combed through the recent advancements in the industry, say. Meanwhile, the new idea of “Cloudbooks” blends well with Windows 10 as well as Microsoft’s recent plans. The manufacturer may have refrained from revealing much, but its recent initiatives indicate – there’s something big coming! 

On the other hand, Nadella has spoken about introducing to the world new systems and concepts around Windows 10. The name “Cloudbook” adopted by Microsoft to launch a new series of system has already brought the company fame. The moniker also refers to the cost – effective devices that Acer plans on offering under its own brand, including cloud storage. Eventually, Microsoft 10 is ready to debut at $169. Research analysts at Prof Research Reports say that the market is yet to judge if they are at par with the Chromebook they’ve observed at that price point. 

Eyeing the potential range of systems and end user requirements, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “2015 Cloudbooks Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario.” The study addresses the scope of the market in the past and over the next few years. It highlights the segments and their size that would result in market growth. From how applications are growing, technology advancements, drivers, opportunities, product value, production capability, key market players, industry news, increasing investment pockets to upstream raw materials and more the report covers every aspect that’s important for business owners. 

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