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Is Big Data an opportunity or a threat for developing countries?

On the one hand, the advent of Big Data delivers the cost-effective prospect to improve decision-making in critical development areas such as health care, employment, economic productivity, crime and security, and natural disaster and resource management. This provides a wealth of opportunities for developing countries. On the other hand, all the well-known caveats of the Big Data debate, such as privacy concerns and interoperability challenges are aggravated in developing countries by long-standing development challenges like lacking technological infrastructure and economic and human resource scarcity. This has the potential to result in a new kind of digital divide: a divide in data-based knowledge to inform intelligent decision-making.

Download and read a full paper about this questions here:

Hilbert, M. (2013). Big Data for Development: From Information - to Knowledge Societies (SSRN Scholarly Paper No. ID 2205145). Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network.

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