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Data Lake Architecture Considerations & Composition

In our last blog we saw the key benefits of Data Lake, but let’s deep dive in to the internals of a Data Lake via discussing the key considerations and compositions.

Architecture Considerations

Take in any solution considerations it is practical difficult to arrives with a one-size-fit-all architecture; hence it applies for a Data Lake too. Hence the Data Lake architecture considerations is totally depends on the below factors,

  • Data Ingestion – Real-time, micro-batch, macro-batch, and batch
  • Storage Layer – Raw, and structured
  • Structured Data Storage -  SQL, Key-Value, document, Columnar, and graph
  • Metadata Management in Data Lake
  • Data Governance
  • Data Search
  • Data Access – Internal, and External
  • Data Insights

Architecture Compositions

Data Lake architecture composed of three layers and three tiers. Where layers are horizontal functionality cut across all the tiers which is Vertical functionality.

The three layers are,

  • Information Lifecycle Management Layer
    • It ensures that there are rules governing what we can and cannot store
    • Over period of time the value of data tends to decrease but risk associated with that storage increase


  • Metadata Layer
    • It captures vital information about the data. Basically it’s all data about data.
    • It is the foundational to make data more accessible and to extract value from Data Lake.
    • Metadata Layer helps to have the following Patterns and Trends, Identifications, Data Lineage, Stewardship, Data Versioning, Entity and Attributes, Distributions, and Quality.
    • Data Governance and Security Layer
      • It fixes the responsibility for governing the right data access and the rights for modifying the data.
      • Ensures the documented process for the Change Tracking & Change Data Capture.
      • Provides access control and authentications

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