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CTO at Georgia Tech: Looking Forward to Life with Big Data

Thank you to our friend and Big Data Pioneer Ronald R. Hutchins for contributing this piece to our blog. Dr. Hutchins is the Chief Technology Officer at Georgia Tech.

Throughout history the forces that have shaped our lives have been powered by innovation. The technologies that surround us don’t wait for us to understand and accept them. It’s either move faster or fall behind. And as technological progress has been the driving force behind change throughout history, we should expect nothing different with the new emerging world of “knowledge discovery.”

The evolution of data analysis, currently hyped under the veil of “Big Data,” is already changing the world around us. Soon it will do more than dictate policies and business practices, it will open our minds to an unprecedented amount of information that will affect our daily lives. Basing day-to-day decisions on real, existing information, from diet to doctor’s appointments, will enable us to make improvements in every facet of our lives. With recent innovations in computing power, data storage, and analysis, we’re steps closer to the future we’ve envisioned for our world.

To read the entire post written by Dr. Hutchins, please click here.

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