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About fifty years ago, Atlanta was the size of Little Rock, Ark. About a hundred years before that, it was burned to the ground. Atlanta has proven again and again that it's got gumption and can grow, and is doing so now, becoming the tech hub of the east.

With a firm foundation that includes the busiest international airport in the world, a vibrant cluster of corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta, NCR and The Home Depot, top notch colleges and universities, and fast-moving entrepreneurial activity, Atlanta is now standing proudly among 18 of the top cities in the world to host Big Data Week, taking place April 22-28, 2013. 

Big Data week is an international celebration of all things data that will bring together some of the brightest analytic minds around the globe to address the challenges and opportunities of Big Data, the thing that unites sectors and organizations. Find events in your area

Born out of a desire to build community around the diverse challenges of Big Data, Atlanta’s tech community already excels at exploring, sharing, and learning with one another. And now, with the advent of Big Data Week, the city will have the opportunity to prove it’s as serious a Silicon Valley in terms of technology. Currently, Atlanta has nearly 20 independently hosted events planned for the week.

Featured speakers throughout the week include editors from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, GigaOM, Datanami, and executives from Cisco, SunTrust, Microsoft, NCR, the CDC and more.

Our community partners such as Hypepotamus, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Arketi, TAG, ATDC, Engauge and more are helping raise awareness for the weeklong series of events, which includes several educational panels and sessions, plus a happy hour celebration, sponsored by MailChimp, and a 32-hour hackathon.

  • Who: you, your co-workers, and some of the brightest minds involved in Big Data
  • What: Big Data Week discussion panels, networking, socials, a hackathon and more.
  • When: April 22-28, 2013
  • Where: Events all around the Atlanta metro area

To attend one of the events in Atlanta, visit Big Data Week’s Atlanta events list. For more information on the week’s events and how to become a part of Big Data Week, to sponsor the week, or to speak at one of the events for Big Data Week, contact Maria Stephens

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