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Sqrrl views Big Data market as 11 large segments (isn't analytics / data science missing?):

  1. Hardware providers:  Big Data software runs on both commodity disks and flash/SSD.
  2. Services providers:  These folks help with both strategy and implementation of Big Data solutions
  3. Cloud providers:  Many organizations run their Big Data solutions in public, private, or hybrid clouds
  4. Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) vendors:  These are traditional EDW vendors and the relational databases that typically sit on top of them.
  5. Data Integration vendors:  These companies sell the tools that assist in getting data into Hadoop or Scale-Out databases.
  6. Hadoop vendors:  These folks license commercial distributions of the Hadoop Distributed File System and related Apache projects (or in some cases, just sell support services around them).
  7. Security vendors:  They sell security tools, such as encryption and key management, specifically designed for Big Data.
  8. Scale-Out Database vendors:  Includes both NoSQL and NewSQL databases.
  9. Horizontal Big Data Platforms:  These are platforms often built on top of Hadoop and/or scale-out platforms and provide additional analytical capabilities beyond what the underlying database can natively provide.
  10. Vertical Big Data Platforms:  Similar to Horizontal Big Data Platforms, but specialized for a specific industry vertical.
  11. Business Intelligence and Visualization Tools:  Focused on static reporting and dashboards for data held in Hadoop .Big Data Ecosystem


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