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Data increasingly turns into one of the fiercest means of businesses, which means that companies are now competing by restructuring their operations, updating the systems and looking for the best solutions for integration and analysis. What does this mean for the future of data?

Effective data managing is now the central role and a huge opportunity to move past the competition. With all this in mind, we are presenting 5 big data predictions for 2017.

1.     Cloud Computing

The Global Cloud Index (GCI) of Cisco forecasts that cloud computing will start growing even faster in 2017, with the public one beating the private cloud. According to this report, 68% of the cloud workloads on a worldwide level will be placed into public clouds, compared to only 49% calculated in 2015.

WorkDay has turned the data storage strategy from their own private cloud to a public one. This is one big proof that many well-established companies are starting to trust the public cloud for their data.

2.     Higher Growth Based on Machine Intelligence

You have surely noticed how machine intelligence has slowly made its entry into the data world. Well, our estimate is that machine learning- based machine intelligence will leave great impact on the companies and organizations and will do so at a fast rate.

Big data has undoubtedly accelerated in terms of relevance with successful companies targeting machine learning as their main method of reaching higher growth. Understanding the importance of data is now more important than ever and needs to be done at a granular level. Companies have already taken note of the need to store and process large bits of data, so the next step is accepting machine intelligence as an asset in this strategy.

This increase in growth is not only estimated to happen in 2017 – but in many coming years, too. Even though machine intelligence cannot take the place of data experts and writing companies, we are facing a rapid data technology intertwining.

3.     Data Monetization

Businesses are expected to have various options when it comes to productizing data. A research from IDC warnes that many enterprises will miss the opportunity: “Despite the wishes of business leaders, businesses will struggle to succeed in creating meaningful products and revenue streams… IT leaders should set up an innovation team consisting of IT and business personnel that reviews existing and future applications/systems for possible monetization of resulting data.”

4.     Rebirth of Streaming Analytics

Data analysis in motion has been present on the data market for almost two decades now. Still, many factors contribute to a broader niche technology. For example, open source technology is known to make streaming more accessible, which is why many companies are now fueling interest in such applications.

Of course, market consolidation will not happen right away. However, it is expected that the market will focus on few streaming platforms in the following few years. During this period, streaming platforms such as Amazon Kinesis Analytics will fight to mature better and attain the critical mass.

5.     Self-Service Data Integration

IT will start enabling users to optimize data based on a self-service approach. These past few years, IT transforms its mindset in the sense that we can note an increase in app and data integration decentralization. They use distributed Centers of Excellence to let businesses integrate and analyze the data by themselves and therefore, be able to quickly act upon the results.

Are you ready for the predicted data changes in 2017? If not, get on board! Technology is changing and a rapid pace and you need to race it to become successful!

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