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Published by  at Startup50. Which ones are missing? I would add Pervasive, Tableau, Splunk, Lavastorm, Yottamine, Alteryx, Pivotal as well as non-product companies. For instance, publishers like DataScienceCentral (self-funded, profitable, with a large list of big data clients). This list contains (too) many Hadoop-related companies. Which companies would you add?

Here's a compilation of the most analytic ones, compiled by Gregory.

  • Alpine Data Labs: data science solutions for Hadoop and Big Data.
  • ClouderaCloudera: a Hadoop-based Big Data platform.
  • Concurrent: Big Data application platforms.
  • Continuum Analytics: Python-based data analytics tools.
  • Continuuity: a Hadoop-based Big Data application hosting platform.
  • Datameer: an analytics application that sits on top of Hadoop.
  • DataSift: a social data platform that helps organizations aggregate, filter and extract insights from :Twitter, leading social networks and millions of other sources.
  • Enigma: a platform for finding relevant data, discovering unknown data sources, and uncovering the relationships across datasets.
  • Gravity: data analytic tools to help "personalize" the Web.
  • HortonworksHortonworks: wants to revolutionize and commoditize the storage and processing of big data via open source tools, including its version of Hadoop.
  • MapR Technologies: a Hadoop/NoSQL Big Data platform.
  • MemSQL: real-time data analytics platforms.
  • Mortar Data: the Hadoop platform as a service for building Big Data pipelines.
  • Platfora: software that transforms raw data in Hadoop into interactive, in-memory business intelligence.
  • Rocket Fuel: a programmatic buying platform that uses artificial intelligence to interpret the petabytes of data available to advertisers and "learn" in real-time which ads work to drive engagement and sales.
  • SiSenseSiSense: Big Data analytics and BI platform.
  • Skytree: machine-learning-based platforms for Big Data analytics.
  • Splice Machine: a Hadoop-based, SQL-compliant database designed for Big Data applications.
  • Statwing: tools that make it easy for anyone to use the same statistical analysis tools that data scientists and statisticians use.
  • SumAll: an analytics tool that helps businesses make more money by using their own data. SumAll tries to break down various data silos, from those associated with legacy apps to those involved with social media.
  • WibiData: tools that help companies build Big Data applications.
  • Zoomdata: Helps companies visualize business insights with a mobile platform that crunches and merges data streams from internal and external sources to create real-time, interactive visualizations.

And some added by Gregory (top 20 Big Data startups by raised venture capital amount):

Anyone interested in publishing a list of top 20 analytic startups?

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Comment by Evan Quinn on June 1, 2013 at 5:08am

Splunk and Tableau Software are both public now, not sure I would count them as "start-ups" at this point.  Aggregate Knowledge, LucidWorks, MetaMarkets, Metric Insights, Hadapt, Qubole, and Starview should be on the list.  And if we want to get into early phase integration and Not Only SQL database companies... plenty more to add.  I consider all these types of vendors, plus the "Data as a Service" types (e.g. Acxiom) to be part of "The Data Economy"


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