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Data-Rich Multimedia Tool Shows U.S. Climate Change at ZIP-Code Level for 1st Time
PRINCETON, N.J. — Today, Climate Central launched WXshift, a groundbreaking weather website that combines weather forecasts with local climate trends to help Americans understand how climate change affects them at the local level every day. 

At the heart of WXshift is the first digital, real-time pairing of local weather and climate data, providing custom graphics on local climate trends alongside each day’s forecast. From there, the user can see more detailed weather information, or dive deeper into decades of city, state or regional climate data in just a few clicks. The site also features the latest weather and climate news from our team of journalists and short videos from our meteorologists connecting the weather to the larger climate picture.

“Climate is the future of weather,” said Richard Wiles, Climate Central’s senior vice president. “WXshift gives you something you can’t get anywhere else — relevant, truly localized trends in rainfall, snowfall, temperatures, drought — with a beautiful, informative delivery. For the first time, WXshift lets you see the local weather forecast with local climate trends, so people can see at a glance how their climate has changed.” 

Behind the scenes, WXshift is a big-data powerhouse, linking together more than 100 years of temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and drought data from more than 2,000 weather stations to provide instantaneous, customized local climate trend graphics, linked to local weather. The site is ad-free and mobile-responsive, and Climate Central’s developers are planning to roll out a second iteration in early 2016 that will include a WXshift app. 

“WXshift is a game-changer — not just for weather geeks and meteorologists but for everyone — because it breaks down climate change in easy-to-digest visuals,” said Bernadette Woods Placky, chief meteorologist of Climate Central. “It’s our best opportunity to make the link between weather and our changing climate in a way that fits in with everyday life.” 

Placky will host a Reddit AMA on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 2 p.m. Joining her are Eric Holthaus of Slate, who's also a meteorologist, and Deke Arndt, the head of climate monitoring at the National Centers for Environmental Information. Ask them anythingabout WXshift, climate change, and how it's affecting extreme weather.

More information:
  • For more details, see the WXshift site or read our FAQs.
  • For interviews about WXshift, call Climate Central at (609) 924-3800.
  • To inquire about licensing opportunities for WXshift, email Geoff Grant, director of digital media and editorial.

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