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Montreal, December 2, 2014 - Provalis Research, a leading provider of text-analytics software, is pleased to announce the release of WordStat 7. This new version allows users to get valuable and actionable insights from text data more quickly, relating unstructured and structured information, and providing greater assistance for the creation and validation of accurate text-categorization dictionaries.

WordStat 7 delivers numerous improvements, such as:


Powerful Topic Modeling. A new topic-modeling tool has been implemented, allowing one to obtain a quick overview of the most salient topics in a large amount of text, and to immediately explore the relationship of those topics with other numerical, categorical or date variables.


New Data Visualization. Visualization can help uncover hidden patterns in data more quickly and improve our understanding of complex phenomena. It also allows one to communicate information more clearly and more efficiently. WordStat 7 provides numerous improvements in data visualization with a new link-analysis feature to create network graphs and explore the relationship between concepts, dashboard views for easier and faster comparisons with structured data, as well as several enhancements in the graphical display of text data.


Improved Linguistic Resources. Processing natural languages is a highly complex task making the precise measurement of specific ideas a challenging task. WordStat already offers numerous tools to facilitate the handling of human languages, such as integrated thesauri, language dictionaries and lemmatization routines. Version 7 extends those features by providing new stemming routines for eighteen languages, pattern-based named-entity extractions, and a smarter handling and classification of misspellings, providing even more assistance for the creation of categorization dictionaries.


Enhanced Taxonomy Development Tools. WordStat content-analysis dictionaries can contain words, phrases, word patterns and proximity rules. Version 7 allows even greater flexibility and enhanced precision with the support of more wildcard characters and more powerful proximity rules, as well as a greatly improved keyword-in-context table. 


Increased productivity. WordStat 7 offers enhanced computer resource handling and several speed improvements, allowing one to analyze larger amounts of text data more quickly. Numerous new features have also been added for greater flexibility and enhanced productivity.   


A complete list and more detailed information on these new features can be found on the What’s New web page, and a free 30-day trial can be obtained from the Download page. 

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