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Versium Guarantees Improved Conversion Rates With Its New, Automated Predictive List Builder Service

Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics and Versium's LifeData®, Marketers Can Build Highly Targeted Prospect Lists for Multichannel Campaigns Based on Projected Conversion Rates

REDMOND, WA - Mar 15, 2016 - Versium, a leading data technology company that delivers automated data technology solutions to marketing agencies and enterprises, today announced the Predictive List Builder, an extension of Versium's predictive marketing suite of services. The Predictive List Builder service, available at, allows marketing professionals to build highly targeted, highly qualified prospect lists for multichannel campaigns based on projected conversion rates from Versium's predictive, machine learning-based models. The predictive analytic models pinpoint the most likely converters, yielding conversion rate improvements as high as 400 percent.

The performance of the lists that are generated is so strong that Versium guarantees they will outperform other types of marketing lists. Unlike simplistic "select-based" lists that limit marketers to a finite set of attributes and rely largely on human intuition, Versium's Predictive List Builder service uses powerful, customized predictive models that incorporate data from Versium's proprietary LifeData® warehouse. LifeData® is comprised of more than 1 trillion consumer and business data attributes sourced from proprietary means.

Versium has been working with a number of enterprise organizations and marketing agencies over the past several months to test the Predictive List Builder service. The conversion rates from lists that leverage Versium's predictive models (versus those based on traditional, rules-based models) have consistently been stronger, often by 300 to 400 percent, and in some cases as high as 900 percent. For example:

  • One of the top wireless carriers in the country targeting small businesses saw a 400 percent increase in conversion rates after testing Versium's lists against its traditional method of targeting.
  • An online university using the predictive list builder technology is seeing conversion rates as high as "hand raisers" who fill out lead forms. 
  • A national marketing agency realized a 9X increase in conversions for a catalog direct mail campaign based off a list built with Predictive List Builder. 

Each prospect list created with Prospect List Builder is highly targeted for the marketer because they are built from customized predictive models using Versium's predictive marketing suite of services, available at The process to build a model and generate a prospect list is fully automated; it applies the latest machine learning techniques and utilizes Versium's proprietary LifeData® warehouse.

Marketers can choose which contact elements to include in their list such as email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers or online display ads to support multichannel advertising campaigns. They can also assess the projected conversion rate of their prospect list and compare it to their typical conversion rate before they deploy it in their marketing campaign.

"With the powerful combination of Versium's LifeData® and our machine-learning predictive models, we guarantee that this service will outperform lists sourced from list brokers or generated from 'select' based filters," said Chris Matty, founder and CEO of Versium. "I say this with confidence because everyone of our customers are telling us the lists they generate from are driving more responses and, more importantly, more transactions. Our continued focus is to provide our enterprise and marketing agency customers with automated data technology solutions they need to increase conversion rates and improve overall marketing efficiencies."

Versium's Prospect Lead Generator service is available at, the company's destination site for automated data technology and predictive marketing solutions.

Additional product information for Predictive List Builder available here.

About Versium 
Versium is a technology company that delivers automated data technology solutions to marketers. These solutions deliver rich data insights and predictive analytics (in the form of a Predictive Score), which provide actionable data intelligence faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the cost of alternative predictive marketing solutions. Versium's solutions leverage the company's extensive LifeData® warehouse, which contains more than 1 Trillion consumer and business data attributes sourced from proprietary means. LifeData® contains both online and offline data such as online behavioral data, social-graphic details, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, activities & skills, demographics, and much more. These attributes are matched to an enterprise's CRM or other internal data sources, and used in machine learning models to create Predictive Scores that deliver specific ROI value by improving customer acquisition, retention and cross sell and upsell marketing activities. For more information, please visit or follow us @versiumsocial on Twitter.

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