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TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 returns to San Diego to Shape the Connected Car Business Models for the Mobility Generation

TU-Automotive has published the eagerly anticipated agenda for their 6th annual TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 Conference and Exhibition (October 13-14, San Diego, formerly Telematics West Coast). The event will see 250+ executives assemble in California to discuss the future of connected services and sources of revenue for the industry.

As the connected car sector has matured, it has provided new and exciting opportunities for the industry to expand into new products, services and business models, including the IoT and mobility. The event focuses on these opportunities, specifically identifying new revenue streams and partnerships that will cement the industry’s place in the digital world.

This year sees high level and specialized speakers from Renault, Hyundai, GM Ventures, Panasonic and more addressing these key topics and laying out the roadmap for success in a climate where the entire industry is making bets on an uncertain future. See the full list of experts speaking this year here:

Annie Reddaway, Project Director for this year’s conference stated: “TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 provides the perfect opportunity for senior stakeholders from across the value chain working in Silicon Valley to come together, learn from subject matter experts and strike up new partnerships.”

She continued, “This year is our most exciting one yet, with more of a ‘Silicon Valley’ flavor than ever before as we hear from a number of auto specific venture companies and pit start-ups head to head to put their innovations to the test.”

What to Expect at TU-Automotive West Coast 2016

• Make Mobility Pay: Identify the new revenue streams, incl. data and payments that will keep the revenue rolling in as auto pivots from the business of selling cars to providing mobility services
• Move Fast and (Don’t) Break Stuff: Translate the West Coast’s agile R&D culture into the global auto product portfolio at the speed of digital
• The Internet of Moving Things: From the connected home to the smart city, find the partnerships and tools that will integrate the car as a valuable part of the networked society
• New Kids on the Block: New automakers are redefining the auto industry! Shed the auto legacy to design vehicles with connectivity, software and tech. at their core
• Data; From Hype to Application: Harness driver data to create tailored services, build brand loyalty, understand driver behavior and lay the foundations for the intelligent, self-driving vehicle
• The Investment Drive: The auto industry is snapping up start-ups for $billions. Analyze investment trends to ask the big question; invest, partner, acquire or be acquired?

Expect to See Top Level Speakers Such as:

• Alisyn Malek, Investment Manager, GM Ventures
• Sebastien Henot, Business Innovation Manager, Renault
• Liz Kerton, Executive Director, Autotech Council
• John Suh, Executive Director, Hyundai Ventures
• Michael Mikos, CFO, car2go N.A. LLC
• Hakan Kostepen, Executive Director - Product Planning Strategy & Innovation, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America - Silicon Valley Center
• David DiMeo, Director, Connected Car Innovations, FordDirect
• Sylvano Carrasco, Vice President Hardware & Telematics, Getaround
• Jeffrey Hannah, Director, North America, SBD
• Tony Cannestra, Director of Corporate Ventures,Denso International America
• Akshay Anand, Manager, Commercial Insights,Kelley Blue Book
• Greg Basich, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics

To find out more about the TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 speaker line up and agenda, head over to:

Download the TU-Automotive West Coast brochure with the complete programme

Or contact the TU-Automotive West Coast 2016 team at [email protected]   

Register before Friday, August 19 via the secure link below to take advantage of a $200 saving on all conference passes:

About TU-Automotive:

TU-Automotive is the reference point and communications hub for the evolving automotive technology segment as it converges with consumer electronics, mobile and IoT to re-define connectivity, mobility and autonomous use-cases.


Annie Reddaway
Senior Project Director | TU-Automotive
7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK
Office: +44 (0)20 3869 6727
USA Toll Free: 1 877 331 2547 x 96727
Email: [email protected]

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