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Real-Time Loyalty Engine - Delivering Analytics

SparkBase is a leading loyalty and gift card platform that helps businesses recognize and reward their customers in realtime. We have developed and deployed proven loyalty solutions that can be integrated with businesses' existing systems. Our programs capture shopper behavior (both online and in-store) at several touch points, to reward them for monetary and non-monetary engagements.

Through our APIs, we've made it easier for businesses of varied sizes to connect a myriad of systems to bridge their online and offline commerce. Whether through a credit card purchase, social media mention, e-commerce order or cash purchase, once the customer is recognized, SparkBase's LoyaltyOS serves up customer specific data and individualized rewards. In the first quarter of 2014, we're launching version 2.0, as well as multiple global partnerships.

No matter the industry, no matter the clientele, there are two pieces of information all businesses desperately want:

These two factors can be leveraged to target marketing, to convert a sale, to engage the customer, and even to create a truly customized shopping experience. Recognizing individual customers allows a business to end the reliance on discounts and mass promotions, and in doing so, increase sales and visit frequency.

This is possible because with those two invaluable pieces of information, the business is able to focus on selling the right product or service to the individual customer at the right time, all based on past behavior, monetary value and preferences.

However, businesses have historically been unable to collect this information. The customer data that they are able to collect is stored in a variety of systems that don't interact, and it's never available in realtime — only after the transaction. Legacy POS systems, credit card terminals, website software and CRMs all store or use this information, but are unable to provide an instaneous and comprehensive view. 

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