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The IIT Master of Data Science (MAS DS) is designed for bright, curious students with strong backgrounds in mathematics, computation, science, engineering, and business who want to delve deeply into data and use them to help make sense of the world.

This program is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program that combines high-level mathematics and computer science theory with the practical knowledge to explore data sets, gather insights, and visualize and communicate meaningful findings.

Unlike many data analytics and business intelligence degree programs, IIT's MAS DS program focuses on acquiring deep theoretical knowledge and understanding of the assumptions made by machine learning methods; object-oriented programming skills; understanding of scientific problems and processes; and skill in facilitating effective communication with scientific collaborators. Students will have the opportunity to work on real data science projects through a practicum at the end of the program.

What Do Data Scientists Do?

Data Scientists don't just analyze data. They rethink data.
Data Scientists don't just mine data. They make sense of data.
Data Scientists don't just store data. They communicate data.

Why IIT?

IIT is the right place to study data science for many reasons:

  • We are the Midwest's premier technology university, with a long history of graduating rigorously prepared scientists and engineers and sending them on to excel in their professions.
  • Our program is true to this institutional mission—it is one of the only such programs that combine extremely demanding high-level mathematical and computational training with the teamwork and communication skills needed to excel in data science.
  • We are also one of few programs whose students will learn to communicate with a wide variety of potential data science clients, ranging from businessmen and scientists to scholars and policy makers.
  • Chicago is a key hub for data science research and industry—there is an enormous concentration of companies working in or using data science.
  • The City of Chicago government is a pioneer in making municipal data available for analysis and app development.

Program Administration

Program Co-Director
Shlomo Argamon, Ph.D.
Computer Science Department
[email protected]

Program Co-Director
Lulu Kang, Ph.D.
Applied Mathematics Department
[email protected]

Director, Professional Master's Programs
Elizabeth Friedman, Ph.D.
College of Science
[email protected]

Applications are now open for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 classes.

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