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Interesting info that I have received in my email box a few days ago. 

Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS) conducts a global scale research study to get insights into analytics related roles, associated skill-sets and career paths. We believe this will help set some industry standards which in turn could support the healthy growth of the analytics market. Please see more details at

Founding team of IADSS

As the role of data science and analytics is expanding very rapidly in creating new business models or changing existing ones, the demand for analytics professionals is growing at an increasing rate. However, almost every company in the industry has a unique way of defining roles and assigning titles in data analytics related positions which have resulted in a chaotic market that is confusing to employers, academic and training institutions, and candidates; with a large number of unqualified candidates calling themselves “data scientist”, “data architect”, “data engineer” or “analytics professional”.

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In order to address this, an initiative has been launched to conduct a research study at global scale. The study aims to gain insight about the analytics profession in the industry and help support the development of standards regarding analytics & data science role definitions, required skills and career advancement paths.

Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS) will rely on the expertise of academicians and industry experts in data world to ensure defined standards are academically sound and rooted in industry realities

IADSS will also work to create awareness and promote data science & analytics standards globally.

For more information or to participate, follow this link

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