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iMath Research has presented the first product's beta version: iMath Cloud

iMath Research, which is one of the start-up of Research Parc of UAB, offers access to intensive computational high technological solutions, such as big data analysis, for small and medium companies.Imath Research is presenting their first product, called iMathCloud.

The product was finalist at the Code_n14 International start-up competition, and later on, it was selected as one of the 15 start-up winners at London Technology Week 2014. Now, iMath Cloud is published in beta version and it is available for any data scientist of any companies, universities and research centers. They can try it at iMath Cloud's web site.

Previously, when presented at the Barcelona Digital Global Congress in June 2013, iMath Cloud created significant interest. Imath Cloud is an innovative digital product, allowing you to analyze huge amounts of data easily. Moreover, it allows you to develop any Python application, and allows accessibility from any place, device, and time.

Comparing from its competition, iMath Cloud has three differential points:

  1. It is not necessary to install any additional plugin in the final user's physical device, because it permits to execute all the application only having Internet connection.

  2. It permits to develop or implement collaborative works, creating joint projects and sharing file and workstations.

  3. Now, it permits to reserve public instances and later on, it will be possible to reserve private instances without needed to implement any additional code.

This differential functionalities are attracting professionals with several different roles.  The number of registered users has been rising exponentially since the product presentation day. This increasing suggests that there is real interest for this product's functionalities and its benefits and they will help to iMath Research's technical staff to improve the product's quality applying their feedback.

Those interested in testing and verifying this new product can sign in at iMath Research's official web siteFor technical documentation, check this web page or email to [email protected].

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