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International and U.S. law enforcement agencies uncovered the location of a drug lord’s high-value, known associate, coordinated and executed his arrest – all while receiving their first demo of EmcienScout™ pattern detection software.

Envistacom is a privately-owned technology company providing end-to-end communications and networking solutions to defense, government, and commercial enterprises. Their customers, including top law enforcement agencies, are using Emcien software to analyze human generated text, including social media data, to identify dangerous criminals, track criminal organizations and drug traffickers, and bring responsible individuals to justice.

Law enforcement and intelligence organizations can turn enormous amounts of text data including emails, social media data, and chat/forum traffic, into actionable intelligence without creating search queries or teaching a machine learning solution what to identify. By automatically analyzing human generated text, EmcienScout can identify the network of individuals, reveal the distinct conversations that are taking place, and organize those conversations by topic. The system will also analyze the network of individuals to identify leaders and followers by their actions.

In this instance, the suspect was discovered as the client was seeing an in-person demonstration of the EmcienScout software. Without any tagging or data cleansing required, Envistacom was able to customize a demo on the spot, targeting the appropriate network and automatically extracting the relevant conversations, actors, and intelligence from enormous sources of unstructured, human generated text.

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