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E-Commerce Giant Uses Predictive Analytics to Anticipate and Reduce Churn

The technology behind Dataiku, maker of Data Science Studio, allows to internalize, process and interpret massive amounts of customer data.  The custom application they have produced with Data Science Studio allows them to predict customer churn with 77% accuracy.
Data Science Studio (DSS), developed by Dataiku (, has been adopted by (, one of the leading ecommerce websites in Europe, to develop and analyze its internal data to prevent churn and maximize the customer retention rates of its nearly 20 million members across Europe.
Anticipating and Reducing Attrition Rate (Churn)
In an ultra-competitive environment, optimizing retention rates is a major issue for commercial sites. soon realized the limitations of a generic marketing strategy to address their retention rate based on static rules common to all customers. To improve customer loyalty, it is fundamental to disseminate "the right message to the right customer." Simple in appearance, this solution presupposes the establishment of preliminary identification rules for potential "churners" (customers may not renew their purchases), and determine the value of each individual client., the challenge of customer loyalty rests largely on the value of this data, enabling it to support its customers in a more personalized manner.
Dataiku technology allows to:
-       detect customers who no longer make purchases on the site, depending on the frequency of individual purchases,
-       and refine the precision targeting of marketing campaigns
DSS: importing data into a predictive model
With Data Science Studio, has established an effective tool which is complete and easy to use, allowing it to internalize the development of a predictive analytics application. Their solution, developed with DSS, automates the detection of customers who have a high probability of no longer purchasing products on the site.  With Dataiku technology, the marketing and business intelligence teams at have mastered their anticipatory attrition project in full. uses DSS for:
-       Automating the integration and enhancement of a wide variety of data sources (customer data, order data and delivery, web logs ...).
-       To create more than 690 features derived from this data and according to specific variables (clicks on sales, orders, litigation, customer ...).
-       To test several machine learning algorithms to achieve the best predictive model.
Damien Garzilli, Strategy and Business Intelligence Manager at comments: "From the data import to the development of a predictive algorithm, DSS ease of use has allowed us to gain autonomy throughout the entire process. Today we are able to predict the future actions of our customers and act accordingly. It is also a tool that will allow us to speed up the production of other ‘big data’ use cases as our needs emerge."
A successful collaboration and new perspectives
Since the commissioning of the application developed with DSS, can now detect potential ‘churners’ with 77% accuracy, an AUC of 0.819, which in turn initiates targeted marketing actions.
The success of this first project on DSS has allowed the emergence of many other innovation data-driven initiatives with DSS and open has opened new perspectives for
Damien Garzilli states: "The objective of churn prevention is to send the right message to the right person, we are more than satisfied with the results we get through DSS.  Today, Dataiku allows us to talk about the data.. the past to project ourselves into the future. " is a one of the leading European ecommerce websites which offers a daily selection of 1300 partner brands on its mobile application or website. The site has more than 20 million members in France and eight other European countries.
Since its inception in 2006, the company has experienced rapid and profitable growth. Listed on Euronext Paris since October 2015 (code: PRS)Showroomprive achieved in 2014 gross volume of business tax over 470 million euros, a net turnover of 350 million euros, an increase of 38% over the previous year. The Group employs over 700 people.
About Dataiku
Dataiku – the software developer behind Data Science Studio (DSS) - is disrupting the predictive analytics market with an all-in-one predictive analytics development platform that gives data professionals the power to build and run highly specific services that transform raw data into business impacting predictions.
More than 50 customers in industries ranging from e-commerce, to industrial factories, to finance, to insurance, and pharmaceuticals use DSS on a daily basis to collaboratively build predictive dataflows to detect fraud, reduce churn, optimize internal logistics, predict future maintenance issues, and more.Dataiku has offices in Paris and New York.
Dataiku raised $3.7 million this year from two investors to grow its sales and tech team and international development initiatives.

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