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September 30th (DSC Webinar Series):

Data Science Techniques for Automatic Clustering of IT Infrastructure Alerts

In this webinar we will present a framework that was developed to automatically cluster these alerts (semi-structured text) . The framework was implemented on top of Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) and draws approaches from Graph Theory and Hierarchical Clustering. It helps IT departments understand, for example, the top-20 issues that keep their support personnel busy. It can also help determine the mean-time-to-repair for a group of alerts, and more. These insights can help IT departments improve their operational efficiency.


  • Regunathan Radhakrishnan, Principal Data Scientist, Pivotal


October 1st:

Don't Move Your Data: Deeper Analysis, Faster Results, Lower Cost

Learn more about:

  • Current trends for in-database analytics
  • How to convert your data warehouse into a high-performance analytic platform
  • The Teradata - Fuzzy Logix partnership
  • Real-world use cases of Teradata and Fuzzy Logix in action


  • James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions
  • Paul Segal, Senior Data Scientist, Teradata


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