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Dataiku's DSS 2.1 has a wide variety of new features including better graphs, code snippets, and plugins


New York City, NY: Dataiku (, a software developer firm, has released the latest version of Data Science Studio (DSS), a software platform that combines all of the steps and big data tools necessary to build highly specific services that turn raw data into impactful business solutions. DSS 2.1 has an array of brand new features and with so much cool new stuff, there is no need to be modest.



Better Graphs and Charts


One of the first improvements is DSS’s Charts module. The entire visual interface has been redesigned to make it easier for users to get the precise data visualization they want. Users will find a greater number of new charts, therefore enabling them to visualize data and analysis results in the most comprehensive ways.



(Image source: Dataiku)



Code Snippets


Writing code can be difficult and time consuming, especially for less experienced developers. Well, DSS makes writing code a lot easier. Developers can use DSS notebooks (iPython, SparkR, R, Hive, Impala) with code samples. Simply put: the newest additions will help you use, create, and share your own snippets. Also, Dataiku has added pre-written code-snippets in the Studio so that users can get started coding immediately with common functions.


(Image source: Dataiku)





The latest version of DSS is without a debt more connected. How so? One answer: plugins. Certified plugins will enable users to connect to all of their data sources, add custom code snippets, and enrich their data with APIs. Anyone can now develop their own plugins easily and add them to the community platform. Data teams and entire companies can now easily collaborate and share plugins and custom code to speed up the development of projects.



(Image source: Dataiku)



The freedom to do exactly what you want with your data


What you will do with your data is entirely up to you. In DSS 2.1, create your own projects, folders, transform your data sets into editable datasets, add notes about your data, and write comments about a client contact or transaction. And that's just a brief glimpse.



(Image source: Dataiku)



Apache Spark Integration


Finally, DSS 2.1 is integrated with the power of Apache Spark. Paring the capabilities of Spark with the advanced analytics features of DSS creates significant opportunities for those looking to leverage very large Hadoop data sets, often ranging into the terabytes, and it also allows users to process that information much more quickly.


About Dataiku

Dataiku – the software developer behind Data Science Studio (DSS) - is disrupting the predictive analytics market with an all-in-one predictive analytics development platform that gives data professionals the power to build and run highly specific services that transform raw data into business impacting predictions, quickly.


More than 50 customers in industries ranging from e-commerce, to industrial factories, to finance, to insurance, and pharmaceuticals use DSS on a daily basis to collaboratively build predictive dataflows to detect fraud, reduce churn, optimize internal logistics, predict future maintenance issues, and more. Dataiku has offices in Paris and New York.


Dataiku raised $3.7 million this year from two investors to grow its sales and tech team and undertake international development initiatives.

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