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Open Data Science Leader Links the World of Spreadsheets to the “Alternate Dimension” of Data Science; Simplifies Collaboration Between Business Analysts and Data Scientists

February 08, 2017 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

AUSTIN, Texas--Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python, today announced the release of Anaconda Fusion, an Open Data Science integration for Microsoft Excel®. Anaconda Fusion combines Anaconda Enterprise with Microsoft Excel, empowering business analysts to collaborate effectively with data scientists and providing access to a wide range of predictive analytics in Python, without leaving Excel.

“Excel has been the cornerstone of the business analyst toolkit for years, but when it comes to advanced analytics and Big Data, it can be limiting”

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“Excel has been the cornerstone of the business analyst toolkit for years, but when it comes to advanced analytics and Big Data, it can be limiting,” said Peter Wang, CTO & co-founder of Continuum Analytics. “By combining Excel with the power and flexibility of Python-powered Open Data Science, Anaconda Fusion puts powerful new capabilities in the hands of business analysts making it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate with data science teams effectively.”

With the introduction of Anaconda Fusion, users can leverage the power, flexibility and transparency of Python for data science using the Excel environment they are already comfortable with. There are zero programming skills required with Anaconda Fusion as functions, parameters and documentation created by data scientists are shown through an easy-to-use interface. Contextually-relevant and interactive visualizations generated from Python notebooks are easily embedded into spreadsheets, giving business analysts the ability to make sense of, manipulate and easily interpret data and predictions. This enables functionality far beyond Excel and simplifies collaboration between business analysts and data scientists.

Anaconda Fusion integrates seamlessly with Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks and provides core benefits, including:

  • Connect MS Excel to Open Data Science. With Anaconda Fusion, open source packages such as scikit-learn for predictive analytics, pandas for data transformations, and Bokeh for rich, interactive visualizations can be accessed from within the familiar Excel environment.
  • Leverage data scientists’ notebooks easily through MS Excel. Excel users can run data science analysis (such as predictive models, interactive visualizations and Big Data queries) through a simple and familiar user interface (UI) without having to write any code.
  • Access all the power of Python and Big Data, natively embedded inside MS Excel. Anaconda Fusion allows users to run Python code in their spreadsheets to perform advanced transformations, modeling and querying of data stored in their spreadsheets, databases and Hadoop.

Anaconda Fusion is generally available today and will be demonstrated at AnacondaCON, February 7-9 in Austin, Texas. To learn more, you can watch our Anaconda Fusion webinar on-demand, or join our Anaconda Fusion Innovators Program for early access to exclusive features––free and open to anyone.

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Anaconda is the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python, the fastest growing data science language with more than 13 million downloads to date. Continuum Analytics is the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, empowering leading businesses across industries worldwide with solutions to identify patterns in data, uncover key insights and transform data into a goldmine of intelligence to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Anaconda puts superpowers into the hands of people who are changing the world. Learn more at


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