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Make the internet your own corporate database.

Our platform allows users to collect, tag, and analyze real-time information by monitoring of complex streams of data.  Bitvore provides companies the valuable ability to see around corners and have continuous situational awareness by automatically extracting critical intelligence from today's torrential flood of information.  Bitvore is offered self-serve through a browser, so customers begin gaining value within hours of signing up.

Our data visualization software was developed in collaboration with the intelligence agencies, and we have had partner talks with some of the biggest consulting and software companies in the world.  We know how to find, collect, tag, analyze, and visually represent data, and allow executives and company leaders to act upon data effectively.

Product/Service Details

Bitvore can harness and search data from social media, email, web traffic logs, manufacturing logs, sales logs, or any other piece of actionable data that you need.  Not only can you tag specific kinds of data for refined searching, our analyzers can tag all the data and allow you to search for tags to visually represent the data you see.

1. We’re like multiple Google searches running simultaneously, and having them all talk to each other. Bitvore sets up hundreds or even thousands of searches to run constantly. Each search tells the other searches how to refine and target their search.

2. We also provide a Meta data layer that goes over top of your databases. We put pointers to every single piece of data, so your apps run quickly and allow you to see how people are interacting with your company.


“Google Now” for Sales

Ever walked into a meeting with a new prospect and got the dreaded “Well, you heard about the news this morning, right?” That’s never good, but it happens all the time, doesn’t it? Put an end to it once and for all. You can setup Bitvore to ingest news, social media, personnel changes, competitive insights, customer support records, whatever you want and have it tracking events all day every day like a bloodhound that never gets tired and never loses a scent. Bitvore will also let you sort it all out by key events and information and feed it to you and your sales team based on the meetings scheduled in their calendars. You know customers love a sales person who knows their business as well as they do. With Bitvore their answer to that you-heard-the-news-question will always be a cool and confident “yes.”

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