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451 Research recently published an analysis of the upcoming Pivotal HDB 2.0 release and Pivotal’s expanded partnership with Hortonworks. We thought you may find the report helpful as you explore technology options for your Big Data journey.
From the report:
Continuing its bold strategy of driving its software to open source, Pivotal has announced Pivotal HDB 2.0, along with a partner agreement with Hortonworks to resell it. HDB is Pivotal’s MPP Hadoop-native SQL database, which the company open sourced in 2015 as Apache HAWQ (incubating.) This new release, along with the Hortonworks partnership, will provide additional market coverage for the product. Pivotal HDB is one of three products that make up Pivotal's Big Data Suite, the other two being Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal GemFire. While Hadoop remains a key technology for Pivotal, the company recognizes the data 'nail' doesn't necessarily require the Hadoop 'hammer' for every big-data problem. Rather, Pivotal is looking at a much larger strategy of helping companies fundamentally change how they build software, specifically, how they use data to drive business value. (451 Research).

You can download the full report here

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