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CardHub is proud to announce the launch of CardAdvisor, a first-of-its kind “smart” tool that relies on artificial intelligence principles to accurately compare more than 1,000 credit card offers and make personalized recommendations sure to save users money.
“A credit card is, first and foremost, a tool. It’s supposed to make life easier and more fruitful, not drain you of both cash and confidence,” CardHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou said in discussing the launch. “The problem is that while the number of available offers has exploded and issuers have grown increasingly sophisticated, consumers have been left to learn about credit on their own – often through expensive trial and error. CardAdvisor is like having a ‘Sherpa’ with a Ph.D. in personal finance by your side for this treacherous uphill climb to monetary success.”
More About CardAdvisor
  • Deep Insight: CardAdvisor takes its recommendations beyond what you know, or think you may know, about picking and using a credit card. For example, many small business owners wouldn’t consider using a general-consumer credit card for company financing due to the mistaken belief that it would increase their personal liability. But CardAdvisor knows that’s not the case and, furthermore, that carrying debt on a business credit card actually has the potential to be riskier because the CARD Act of 2009 does not apply to them, which means issuers can therefore increase interest rates on existing balances whenever they want.
  • 100% Anonymous: No need to give a name, address or SSN. Just answer a few general questions about your credit standing and monthly spending habits, and the tool takes over.
  • Makes Co-Branded Credit Cards Understandable: No more need to worry about point/mile values, bonus categories, purchase classifications or earning limits. CardAdvisor crunches the numbers for you, putting all offers on an even playing field.
  • Save Time Saving Money: What good is an extra 1% cash back if you have to spend all day hunting for it? Everyone’s time is valuable, and we shouldn’t have to waste the precious little amount we have free quibbling over credit cards. But we can’t ignore our finances either. CardAdvisor makes it so you don’t have to choose.
  • No Gimmicks, No Games: If there’s no better deal than your existing credit card, CardAdvisor will tell you that rather than encouraging another application. And if there are indeed better offers to be had, CardAdvisor will show you all of them – not just the ones from issuers CardHub has an advertising relationship with.

To try CardHub’s CardAdvisor for yourself, please visit:

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